How To Reduce Stress In Your Work Environment

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business cleaning serviceIn offices across the United States, 77% of employees regularly experience physical ailments as a result of stress. That’s according to the American Psychological Association, which has called stress a major public health problem. Because toxic work environments can cause reduced productivity too, it’s important for employers to ensure the work environment is not only professional, but also comfortable.

But how can a manager reduce stress in the workplace? Here are some ways to increase the productivity in your office by ensuring your employees are happy, healthy, and less stressed out.

Social Interaction
Working hard is essential in an office space, especially if the work environment is fast-paced. However, while work ethic is crucial to success, so too is the quality of that work.

Humans are social creatures, which is why it’s important to ensure that your employees are receiving the daily social interaction they need in order to feel happy and efficient. Even a fifteen minute break involving small talk can reduce stress and increase work quality.

Speaking of Breaks
Work environments can create stress in employees if small breaks aren’t taken every so often to stretch the muscles and relax the brain. An overstimulating environment can cause an employee to work quickly, but not necessarily efficiently. As a result, they’re much more likely to make costly mistakes.

Be sure your employees are taking routine breaks from their work. We don’t mean breaks that are long enough to reduce workflow, but just enough for your employees to stretch and regain their bearings before jumping back into the fray.

Commercial Office Cleaning
There’s a reason why your parents told you to clean your room when you were a kid — a clear room makes a clear mind. The same is true in a work environment. A cluttered, unclean workplace can not only increase the risk of your employees becoming sick and missing work, but it can also make it more difficult for workers who are healthy to get their jobs done.

Consider hiring a business cleaning service to routinely clean the workplace. While small actions can reduce the risk of passing on germs, such as wiping down counters and desks with antibacterial wipes, a business cleaning service can do a more thorough job to ensure your work environment is efficiently cleaned on a regular basis.

Additionally, a business cleaning service can provide you with office carpet cleaning. Carpets can contain a lot of bacteria, allergens, dirt, and are often the source of germs during cold season. Therefore, when cleaning your office environment and enforcing cleanliness among your employees, be sure to consult a commercial cleaning company for the best results.

Take Your Improvements Seriously
Finally, it’s important when improving the atmosphere of your work environment for you to take these improvements seriously. Interact with your employees, take routine breaks yourself, and follow your own rules and advice regarding personal cleanliness.

By improving social interaction, encouraging short breaks, and ensuring the cleanliness of your work environment with office cleaning services, you can be sure that your employees will be happier and healthier. And the happier and healthier the work force, the happier and healthier the company.

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