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3 Industries that Should be Concerned with Secure Document Destruction

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One of the downsides to the increase and advancements of technology is the ease to which criminals can commit potential identity fraud. Disposing of personal and sensitive information is crucial for individuals and companies alike, but it can be a time-consuming, tedious task. Secure document destruction services have become a staple for many businesses in lieu of shredding documents themselves. Here are three industries that have the most to gain, and lose, when it comes to secure document destruction.

1.) Healthcare: It comes as no surprise that the medical field is filled with sensitive documents and information. Upon arriving at most healthcare facilities you’re usually required to fill out multiple forms asking for a range of personal data. In fact, 43% of all security breaches occurred within the healthcare industry, according to the Ponemon Institute. The sheer volume of material hospitals and doctors offices have to manage is reason enough to invest in professional confidential shredding services.

2.) Government: If the healthcare field is filled with secure documents, the government is overflowing. Virtually every aspect of government functions in sensitive information in one way or another. It could be in the form of files on citizens, data on projects, or areas such as benefits fraud which accounted for 34% of reported identity theft in 2013. In fact, 10.2% of identity and data theft overall occur in the government sector. Secure document destruction is imperative to keeping the U.S. safe.

3.) Banking: While much less identity fraud activity happens in the banking industry, it still accounts for 3.7%. What it lacks in quantity, it certainly makes up for in importance. Access to a person’s banking and financial information is one of the easiest ways to successfully steal someone’s identity. Banking institutions need to be diligent and consistent in their efforts to destroy any and all documents that could harm their customers.

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft by Shredding These Documents

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A recent report by Javelin Strategies and Research showed that identity theft affects 11 million people each year, and costs consumers around $56 billion. Today, nearly one in every 10 people are victims of identity theft. No matter the reason for the leak, a breach of information can leave your identity at risk. One of the best ways to prevent the loss of valuable information is to shred documents with sensitive materials on it. But what documents need to be shredded? Here’s a quick guide for the most important documents to dispose of, a service we provide to our document shredding Toms River NJ customers.

Credit Cards
Anything with a part of your credit card number on it should be destroyed as soon as possible to prevent theft. This includes ATM receipts, bank statements, or credit card bills. In addition, be sure to shred any credit card offers that you get in the mail. Identity thieves can take those applications and apply for the card in your name, using your credit line.

Employee Records
While you may think you need to hold on to paystubs and past employee records, this can leave you vulnerable to the leaking of information that can be used by a skilled identity theft. Experts suggest that you keep pay stubs for one year, and then shred them. However, if you need them for tax, warranty, or insurance purposes, keep them stored in a safe place with the rest of your important documents.

Canceled Checks
Even if you have written “VOID” on your check, that won’t stop an identity thief from harvesting your important financial information. Even though your check has been cancelled, identity thieves can get important information off of a check, such as your bank account, address, and phone number. This is why it’s important to destroy any check after it has been cancelled or invalidated.

But why is shredding documents important? It may be surprising to hear that 43% of security breaches are caused by physical means, such as dumpster diving. Shredding is the best way to avoid the leak of important information that can leave you at the mercy of an identity theft. Green Office, LLC provides the document shredding Toms River NJ residents need to keep their information secure. We strive to ensure that your important information is kept out of the wrong hands with our secure document destruction services.

Get Rid of Those Piles of Paper With Paper Shredding Solutions

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With all of the transactions and information exchanges that happen everyday, comes a long paper trail that follows behind. All of this hard copy quickly amasses into tons of paper that, if left unchecked, can become unmanageable. For companies who use paper for almost any task, finding paper shredding solutions to alleviate the load can substantially improve business operations.

Each year, Americans use an estimated four million tons of paper. This is an overwhelming amount of hard copy that not only takes up valuable space, but can make it difficult to find important documents. With all of the clutter, new incoming documents can be thrown in the giant pile, as well as older important documents that should be kept in more secure areas for easy access, becoming lost under the mountains of paper.

It would be ideal for companies to attempt to reduce their paper use, but with the average office worker in America using a fresh sheet of paper every 12 minutes, it seems unlikely. However, keeping up with regular paper shredding solutions can prevent the pile up of paper before it becomes too overwhelming to handle. For institutions finding themselves accumulating overwhelming stacks of paper, bulk shredding services can actually travel to the company and destroy the documents on the spot for quick resolution.

Even with all of the documents shredded, the left over paper has to go somewhere. According to the American Forest and Paper Association, an impressive 63.5% of paper used in the United States is already being recycled. A consistent cycle of reusing old, recycled paper can spawn an effective series of actions that can optimize paper usage.

It is important to take advantage of paper shredding solutions before the enormous stacks of paper become too unmanageable. Secure document destruction services can ensure that you don’t become buried in your hard copy.

How a Paper Shredding Company Can Keep Your Clients Safe

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There are billions of people in the world today, and hundreds of millions in the U.S.; the only way to keep track of people is through substantial amounts of personal information. Everything from social security numbers to birth certificates are required to make a large number of important transactions. Unfortunately, with so much of this information being passed around to multiple entities, they are often at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Once someone has become a victim of identity fraud, it can be very difficult and time consuming to resolve the issue. Some states have implemented programs to deter individuals from attempting identity theft, such as New Jersey’s wrongful impersonation statute, but these aren’t always effective enough.

When considering identity fraud in the modern age, people often assume it is the result of computer hackers working their way through a company’s security system or acquiring bank information from online purchases. However, it’s estimated that 43% of security breaches are caused by physical means, such as dumpster diving. Because we live in such a technology heavy society, it is easy to overlook the simple steps to protecting personal information.

A paper shredding company is an effective method in avoiding documents being stolen. If placed in a designated area, personal documents can be picked up by secure document destruction services where they will perform bulk shredding of any hard copy information, to never again see the light of day. There may be less need for the wrongful impersonation statute when a paper shredding Ocean County NJ company can offer to destroy these used resources.

Utilizing a paper shredding company for some businesses who handle multiple forms of personal information is practically a necessity to ensure clients’ security. According to a recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institutes, a reported 43% of security breaches spanning all industries happened to healthcare facilities. With credit info, social security numbers, and even health records on file, there is plenty of room for error when it comes to hospitals and medical institutions, which could be avoided with confidential shredding services. States like New Jersey are well-known for their medical facilities, but without the services that paper shredding Ocean County NJ companies provide, they may simply be putting patients at risk for other dangers.

With identity fraud costing Americans an estimated $21 billion just in 2012, physical means of identity theft remain a substantial concern. For all of the insurance companies and medical institutions that are still at risk despite preventative government programs, services like what paper shredding Ocean County NJ organizations can offer may be the only surefire way to keep personal information out of the wrong hands.

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