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3 Reasons to Shred Old Documents

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paper shredding solutionsYour personal documents contain highly sensitive information about yourself, your livelihood, your family, and much more. Letting them fall into the wrong hands is simply not an option. Knowing how to complete secure document destruction is without fail something you need to learn. Check out the biggest benefits of investing in paper shredding solutions!

Most people believe that identity fraud and theft only happens to those with information stored digitally, but this isn’t the case. Up to 43% of breaches in security are done through physical means such as dumpster diving. That’s why there’s an entire day dedicating to shredding your old IDs — Secure Your ID Day occurs every April 18 to help you secure your personal information.

Unnecessary Documents
Many documents are kept by people years after they really need to keep them for. Unless you think you’ll need them for taxes, warranties, or insurance, pay stubs only need to be kept for a year before you can shred them. Likewise, many of your documents have a statute of limitations on when and how you may need them. Once that time is up, there is no reason to keep them anymore!

Document shredding is also eco-friendly! Paper is one of the most — if not the most — commonly used products in the world. Shredding documents you need to get rid of will help prevent landfills from filling up more quickly than they need to. It simply makes sense to do, especially if you want to environmentally destroy documents.

Will you be investing in any paper shredding solutions? What do you think is the biggest benefit? Get in touch with us today for more information!

3 Business Types That Benefit From Document Shredding

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document shreddingWith the rise of technology, most people assume that the uptick in identity and document theft is due to easier access. However, about 43% of breaches are done by physical means such as dumpster diving. Thieves get their hands on the documents themselves quite often because many people and businesses underestimate the importance of document shredding and secure document destruction. Check out three types of businesses that should definitely invest in paper shredding solutions.

Shredding documents limits the amount of people who can simply walk up to a business and steal paper copies of information. Banks hold the personal information and bank balances of hundreds or even thousands of people. Leaving that information vulnerable can be a red flag for potential consumers, and is simply not a great strategy for your business. Document shredding guarantees are a huge bonus!

Health Care Professionals
Across all industries, 43% of security breaches are within the health care industry, according to a study done by the Ponemon Institute. Health care is one of the biggest industries in the nation, so it makes sense for the statistics for the industry to be higher than some, but you can give your patients peace of mind by shredding their important documents as soon as they become irrelevant. Take away the unnecessary stress, and you will likely gain patients!

Tax Agencies
The statute of limitations requires you or the business doing your taxes to keep the documents for three years after filing them, but after those three years documents should be destroyed. These forms contain social security numbers, income information, addresses of your home and work, and other sensitive information. It is essential to information security that these documents remain private. If your identity is ever stolen, it can haunt you for the rest of your life, so don’t take that chance.

Can you or a business you know use the help of bulk shredding? Do you agree that it is essential for these types of businesses? Get in contact with us today!

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