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New Report Says Information Managers Need to Keep Up With the Times When it Comes to Security

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secure document destructionAs society continues to evolve and advance, many aspects of the way a business works are continually changing, too. One of the biggest priorities for companies moving forward will be determining the best strategies and secure document destruction services.

According to, Iron Mountain and AIIM recently released a new report that found those who manage and maintain company’s information — records and information managers — will face a slew of new challenges that includes document shredding and traditional paper shredding solutions.

The report found that security and data privacy skills will be among the most sought after by the year 2020, with 50% of respondents indicating that they expect their people to have competent data privacy skills by that time. It also suggests that, as we continue down this path, the lines between information technology (IT) departments and records managers will become increasingly blurred.

“Organisations the world over share common goals when it comes to managing information in an increasingly digital universe: they want to keep it secure and compliant while being able to analyse and extract its full value for business competitiveness and growth,” said Sue Trombley, managing director of thought leadership at Iron Mountain. “For the records and information managers at the heart of this, it’s no longer enough to be a competent records manager. It’s time for them to evolve into next-generation information professionals with stronger technical, analytical and management skills and the confidence to think, mediate and guide.”

While secure document destruction will continue to move more into the digital realm, there will still be the need to actually shred physical documents. One study found that 43% of security breaches are caused by physical means, while 3% of all paper documents are filed incorrectly.

Overall, at least 57,868,922 records were put at risk in 2013 alone. Today, there are more and more ways to infiltrate systems digitally, which is why investing in the destruction of that kind of information will be crucial as well.

The year 2020 may still be a ways away, but you need to protect yourself now. Trust our professionals, who have the experience in these sensitive matters to make sure the job gets done correctly.

3 Reasons to Outsource Your Document Shredding

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document shreddingThere are seemingly an infinite number of things that go into running a successful, reputable, and profitable business. One of the most important aspects that doesn’t get talked about much though is document shredding. It might seem like a mundane task, but it is incredibly important to the security and safety of your company and employees.

That’s why at Green Office, we take our paper shredding solutions seriously, so you can focus on the aspects of your business that actually produce profits. According to a recent study by the Ponemon Institute, 43% of all security breaches occurred within the healthcare industry, but it can happen to any type of business no matter the size.

You would think shredding documents is something that you can assign to someone in-house easy enough, but there are a variety of reasons to use document shredding services like Green Office. Here are some to consider.

  1. Mistakes and Inefficiencies: If you decide to perform your own document shredding, chances are it’s going to be an entry-level, or lower administrative employee assigned to the task. The problem with that is their level of engagement and expertise is not nearly as high as someone experienced and committed to it. For example, an employee might consider typical strip shredding sufficient, when in reality, this type of document shredding can be fairly easily repaired by information thieves.

  3. Outright Fraud/Theft: The unfortunate fact of the matter is that not all employees are responsible and trustworthy. There’s always the chance that by having someone or a group of people in your company do your document shredding, they will steal sensitive information and even attempt to fraudulently hurt someone else in the company. Approximately 57,868,922 records were put at risk in 2013 alone. On average, identity fraud cost people $365 in 2012.

  5. Legalities: Even if the employees you assign to perform your shredding services do so in the utmost ethical and moral manner, they might not be doing everything to the letter of the law. There are laws on the books that require employers to destroy confidential information once it’s no longer needed. When you work with a professional document shredding company, it ensures that every document is destroyed in a timely and secure manner.

No matter what size your company is, there are countless documents created every day that will eventually need to be destroyed. Document shredding services are the best choice for convenient, effective, secure, and reliable destruction.

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