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Are Paper Shredding Solutions the Only Documents Your Business Needs to Worry About?

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paper shredding solutionsOf course not. Hopefully, the majority of individuals from business owners to blue collar workers are now aware of the ever-increasing security threat when it comes to digital documents, hard drives, and computer files. This is a change from when Green Office LLC first came into existence not so long ago.

Over 10 years ago, Jeff J. Horn and his law partner, Jay Turnbach, decided to start a paper shredding company to answer their growing paper problem. At that time, digital security and secure document destruction services were still relatively unheard of. As we developed our roots in paper shredding solutions, we quickly saw where the world was heading and added secure document destruction for other materials beyond shredding documents to our services.

Paper shredding solutions remain a large portion of our business today for obvious reasons. For starters, about 43% of all security breaches are the result of physical mean. On top of that, Americans use approximately 4 million tons of copy paper every year and a lot of that is used for secure or potentially sensitive information/records.

Like any good business, Green Office had to evolve with the times. As computer and technology use has risen to new heights, it might be that our electronic destruction services that will eventually outpace our paper shredding solutions.

When our mobile destruction units arrive at your business or location, not only will they securely shred all the paper documents and records you have, but they also can handle the proper electronic destruction of things like hard drives. Once these are placed in a locked compartment in the trucks that only the destruction specialist has access to, it will be destroyed in a safe manner.

Identity fraud is a serious problem that affects millions of Americans every year. Leaving sensitive documents/information out there in the world greatly increases the chances of it happening to you. Approximately 57,868,922 records were put at risk in 2013 alone. A combination of paper shredding solutions and secure electronic destruction is the best way to ensure it doesn’t happen to you.

3 Reasons Green Office is the Best New Jersey Paper Shredding Service

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New Jersey paper shreddingSecure document destruction services might sound like an outdated industry to some, but that doesn’t stop those of us at Green Office LLC from striving to be the best New Jersey paper shredding service in the area. In an era that relies increasingly on technology and digital files, it’s important not to forget about the traditional physical documents that still proliferate businesses and companies and contain sensitive and secure information. In fact, approximately 43% of security breaches are caused by physical means, like dumpster diving.

Whether you’re a small business or large company, chances are you’re going to need bulk shredding services at least a couple times per year to keep your offices organized and secure. The old paper shredder you have at the end of the hallway just isn’t effective or efficient enough anymore. Here are three reasons to choose Green Office for all your New Jersey paper shredding needs.

  1. Environmentally Friendly: As the name implies, Green Office is proud to be a New Jersey paper shredding company that adheres to strict guidelines when it comes to recycling all the paper documents we collect after they’re securely destroyed. We do not take this paper and simply dump it in a landfill like some companies may do.

  3. Convenient Flexible Scheduling: One of the best aspects of our business model is the convenient nature of our system. You fill up your secure document console and when it’s time to be emptied, we come to you with our mobile document destruction trucks. In a secure process, which you can read more about on our “How it Works” Services page, we empty and destroy the contents leaving only the empty console to be filled again.

  5. Promotional Opportunity: As of this writing, Green Office is currently offering a special promotion for businesses that are serious about making the change from in-house shredding. Not only will we purchase your current paper shredder off you for $69.99 (or one free month of service), but we’ll provide you a secure paper shredding console to fill and if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll take the console back and you can keep the money! This offer may not be in effect by the time you read this post.

Approximately one out of every 10 people will be victim to identity fraud. Overall, it costs Americans about $21 billion in 2012 alone. Properly securing your documents is one of the easiest and most crucial things you can do to prevent identity fraud from happening to you or your employees. Trust Green Office and we’ll provide the paper shredding services you need.

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