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3 Reasons Traditional Document Shredding Is Not Enough

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document shreddingNo matter what type of business you may run or industry you work in, there will always be sensitive and private information that needs to be properly handled and ultimately destroyed. Whether it be human resource information like employee social security numbers and home addresses, or internal business data and information, companies must spend a lot of time and money on secure document shredding and other secure document destruction services.

In a world where technology continues to change the way we do things, physical document shredding is still one of the most important facets of business. It is estimated that about 43% of all security breaches occur as a result of physical means such as searching through garbage and trash bins. In 2013, at least 57,868,922 records were put at risk.

Green Office is a mobile document shredding company that specializes in eliminating your private and sensitive material efficiently and conveniently. Many business owners and decision-makers may question the need to outsource this type of work — as paper shredding can be done in-house — but there are many risks associated with that practice. Here are three important reasons to consider Green Office for your document shredding needs.

  1. Inherently Invites Inefficiencies: Whether it’s misplaced documents, confusion as to proper protocol among employees, or various other elements that may affect day-to-day operations, secure document destruction is always easier said than done. When you assign this kind of duty to an in-house employee, chances are you’ve hired them to do a job that entails much more. Perhaps it’s your office coordinator or human resource representative. The last thing they want to be doing is spending valuable time shredding papers. Whether or not it’s intentional, when people feel their work is worth more than what they’re paid, they typically won’t spend as much time or place as much emphasis on it.
    Overall, approximately three percent of all paper documents are filed incorrectly, and almost eight percent of all paper documents are eventually lost. At Green Office, secure document shredding and destruction is what we do. Our team of professionals specialize in doing the job and doing it right.

  3. In-House Security Risks: In addition to oversights and accidental mishaps, keeping these duties internal invites a myriad of potential security risks. That’s not to say you shouldn’t trust your employees, but do you really want someone who could quit or get fired at any moment handling all the sensitive information in your company? With Green Office, you get a secure document container to place all your papers in until you call for our team to come and destroy them. This eliminates the possibly uncomfortable situation of having to confront an employee about possible security breaches.

  5. Not Thorough Enough: Traditional document shredding with an office shredder is just not enough anymore. It might seem like an impossible feat to put those strands back together, but career criminals are adept and will put the time in to do just that if they think it will be worth their while. With Green Office, not only are your documents shredded, they’re completely destroyed.

Call Green Office today to find out how we can help secure your business with our document shredding and destruction services.

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Confidential Shredding Services

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confidential shredding serviceNo matter what industry you’re in, every good business owner or senior executive knows just how much paperwork and secure documents are contained within a company at any given time. From personal employee or customer information to documents pertaining to the actual company itself, there are a variety of ways in which a criminal can do damage after gaining access to any number of these sensitive pieces of paper. That’s why Green Office began its confidential shredding services in the first place.

Secure document destruction services have become increasingly important as it’s become easier and easier for people to do damage with the information. In 2012, identity fraud, which often times results from not investing in confidential shredding services, costs Americans approximately $21 billion. The average victim lost $365 because of it.

Whether you’re in the business of personal finances or dog walking, your company no doubt regularly comes into contact with sensitive information that should be securely destroyed in a timely manner. Here are three of the most important reasons to consider our confidential shredding services today.

  1. Personal Safety and Security: First and foremost is the risk you’re putting your own employees and clients in when you don’t. Sure, paper shredding can be performed in-house in the traditional sense, but that form of destruction is inefficient and isn’t always enough. Approximately 43% of security breaches are caused by physical means, like dumpster diving.
    At Green Office, we completely destroy any and all traces of documents through our confidential shredding services. We come and pick up your papers from our secure containers and eliminate them in our mobile units on the spot. This prevents potential criminals from getting their hands on personal information of both your own employees and outside customers.

  3. Business Security: In addition to keeping the people you work with safe, you need to consider the actual security of your business as a whole. There’s no telling the damage that can be caused by the wrong people getting their hands on the right information.

  5. Save Time and Money: On a more practical level, investing in a paper shredding service like Green Office is a wise investment financially. If you’re smart enough to admit that it’s a task that needs to be addressed, the next decision is how to go about getting it done. Sure, you could assign it to an in-house employee, but that costs you time and money and it takes away from your employees’ regular work functions. Just like payroll, there are some business functions that can simply be taken care of better and more efficiently by outsourcing them to a company that specializes in doing it.

The area of your business doesn’t matter when it comes to protecting your secured documents and the people behind them. Give us a call to find out how our confidential shredding services can help you today.

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