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Legal Experts Weigh In: Confidential Shredding Crucial to Paper Trail Security

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confidential shreddingConfidential shredding services in NJ is what Green Office specializes in. We believe professional paper shredding solutions are a crucial aspect of virtually any business, organization, or industry where potentially sensitive or secure information can be found. Naturally, we’re not the only ones who feel this way. According to a recent article on by the legal security professionals from Patterson Belknap Webb and Tyler, the paper trail left behind by many businesses is one of the most common and damaging things that can be taken care of relatively easily.

“Despite predictions that computers would usher in a “paperless future,” it is undeniable that paper remains a large component of the typical office,” the article reads. “One study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that breaches of paper records still account for as many as 31% of security breaches.”

Another recent estimate found that physical means, such as dumpster diving, account for about 43% of security breaches. Approximately one out of every 10 people will be a victim of identity theft, which cost Americans nearly $21 billion in 2012 alone.

As the piece points out, electronic security is, of course, an increasingly important aspect as the world gets more and more digital, but there’s still no replacing confidential shredding, at least not until physical paper documents are all but eliminated in the office.

In addition to the chance of an internal, rogue employee stealing or utilizing personal/secure information they may come across, there’s also the plain and simple fact that things like that can get lost, misplaced, or accidentally dropped anywhere in the wide world. The article cites an example from this past April when sensitive personal medical information of NFL players was stolen from the car of a trainer who had left the files in a backpack in his locked car.

“All organizations should create policies for how all sensitive documents — electronic and paper – are shared and stored,” the article advises. “Adopting a written document retention and disposal policy for all records will help minimize the risk that your organization’s name will end up on in the news if trash bags burst open in a strong wind.”

Green Office can help you do just that with virtually no additional work from you. Simply invest in one of our secure documentation storage reciprocals and confidential shredding services.

7 Benefits That Come With Document Shredding

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document shreddingPaper is important to any business. Every year, Americans use 4 million tons of copy paper, with each office worker using 10,000 sheets annually. Considering the average office worker is estimated to use a sheet of paper every 12 minutes, it is no secret that important information is being documented all the time.

But in order to prevent identity theft, which is a huge problem in today’s society, it is important to invest in secure document destruction services. Document shredding offers a method of protection for both business owners and consumers alike. Here are the top seven benefits of paper shredding for businesses.

1. Document shredding gives both customers and businesses the peace of mind that their important information has been destroyed properly.

2. With a third party service, you don’t have to worry about secure document destruction. Having a company come in will save you the cost of buying expensive paper shredders.

3. Recycling shredded paper is a great way to keep the landfills from filling up sooner than necessary. Considering that almost every American home and business throws out paper on a regular basis, recycling your business’s documents will bring a positive impact to the environment.

4. Shredding documents in a secure location will also keep you compliant with federal regulations.

5. Your clients will grow to trust you knowing that you have their best interests at heart. Giving your clients peace of mind that their important information will not be seen by strangers is crucial to consumer happiness and satisfaction.

6. You limit the risk of criminals obtaining your information. Criminals often dumpster dive and sort through trash to obtain victims’ personal information. In fact, 43% of all security breaches happen through these methods. So when you use document shredding, you will thwart the criminals in their tracks!

7. You can get rid of waste. Hiring a paper shredding service is a great way to get rid of clutter, including old pay stubs and old tax forms.

So what are you waiting for? Get shredding today!

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