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7 Easy Ways to Go Green in Your Office Right Now

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business cleaning servicesIt is no secret that going green in every aspect of your life is good for the environment. This goes for your office as well! Many business owners believe that going green means their wallets will suffer, but that is not the case. Here we have compiled some great green solutions to implement in your office right away.

1. Have a centralized recycling system

Some workers simply do not recycle because there is no system set in place. Make sure you put recycling bins in every room and clearly label the difference between recycling containers and trash cans.

2. Create a switch off campaign

Having a switch off campaign is a great way to have your employees stay conscious of their energy use. This goes for the lights and their office equipment, and you can post reminders all over the office to serve as a reminder.

3. Buy eco-friendly office products.

This includes recycled paper, LED lamps and bulbs, cloth towels instead of paper, rechargeable batteries, and a coffee maker that brews pots, rather than one that uses disposable containers.

4. Invest in paper shredding.

Every year, Americans use over four million tons of copy paper. All that paper has to go somewhere, and it does not belong in the trash! Not only will a paper shredding company tell you what to shred and when to shred it in order to protect confidential documents, you will be able to have bulk shredding so you can get all that waste out in one fell swoop!

5. Watch your thermostat

You will want to ensure your heating and cooling systems are set up so they only run during office hours, and that the temperature averages around 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Banish all printers

Everything nowadays is done digitally, so banish printers to cut down on waste. If you have to print, make sure it is double-sided and use a smaller font to optimize space. Print only what you absolutely need.

7. Invest in green business cleaning services
Some commercial office cleaning services use dangerous chemicals when they clean, and these chemicals can damage the health of your workers. You will want to look for business cleaning services that only use chemical free products and energy saving appliances so you will stay in line with your other eco-friendly measures in your office.

With these tips in mind, you are on your way to having a green, eco-friendly office space!

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