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5 Reasons That Hiring an Office Cleaning Service Can Benefit Your Business

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office cleaning servicesIf you’ve ever had to clean your office space, you know how much time it takes. With a number of people essentially living in a commercial space eight hours every day, it’s bound to accumulate some messes.

Your office is basically a second home for you and your entire work family. But at the end of the day, you all have your own homes to go home to…and clean. Why would you want to take more time out of your day to clean your shared work space?

Commercial office cleaning services are available to do this task for you. In fact, business cleaning services make up more than 77% of the cleaning industry. And not only does this save you time, it can also benefit you in a number of different ways. Here are five reasons that a commercial cleaning service can benefit you, your workers, and your company:

Safer Work Environment
A clean workplace is a safe workplace. With so many bodies in one space, your office is a breeding ground for the germs and bacteria that make us sick. Shared work spaces like conference rooms, break rooms, and bathrooms are especially prone to germs, because everyone goes there.

Not only are germs constantly spreading in an office environment, but untidiness can be a factor as well. Not keeping a safe, clear, and clutter-free work space can cause accidents and serious injuries.

Less Stress
You already have enough space to clean at home. Why should you or your employees have to worry about cleaning up someone else’s mess? In most cases, you don’t have time between job tasks to wash a mug or take out the trash. Your job depends on you being 110% engaged.

Even so, seeing clutter strewn about does set some people on edge. Some of your employees may be willing to clear messes for their own peace of mind, but their job performance may be suffering because of this.

Higher Productivity
Similarly, it’s been proven in study after study that a clean, organized workplace leads to happier and more productive employees. Without the stresses of clutter or getting sick, or the eyesores of a full sink or trash bin, your employees are left to focus on their jobs without distractions.

A More Thorough Cleaning
While we’ve all had experience cleaning our own homes, you are not a trained commercial or office carpet cleaning professional. There’s no one who can do it like the pros.

Building cleaning service professionals are equipped with all the necessary equipment to get the job done effectively and in a timely manner. Instead of wiping counter tops and desks down with disinfecting wipes, office cleaning services use special cleaning solutions that dissolve the germs that are specific to your office.

Certain office spaces require different types of cleaning. While a law office may need regular dusting, vacuuming, and disinfecting, a warehouse may have some more major spillage from inventory, requiring industrial scrubbers and the like.

A More Welcoming, Professional Space
When you invite a client, interviewee, or even the president of your company into your work space, don’t you want to make a good impression? Clean spaces are more inviting and look far more professional than a paper- and junk-covered space.

Regardless of how good a job you do for your clients or partners, a dirty office space can give off a bad vibe. Office cleaning services certainly help take care of this problem.

Green Office LLC not only helps shred and properly dispose of unwanted paper files, we also serve as a full service office cleaning company only using environmentally safe products.

The 3 Germiest Items in Your Workplace

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commercial office cleaningConsidering how many hours we Americans spend at work, it should come as no surprise that offices are some of the germiest places in the country. Though they may look clean, workplaces are hotbeds teeming with bacteria and viruses. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that nearly 80% of all infections are passed via hand contact with contaminated surfaces and skin-to-skin contact.

Fortunately, there are approximately 3.2 million people working in the nation’s cleaning service industry. Without our office building cleaning services, employee absences due to illness would be a lot higher, especially during flu season. The National Health Interview Survey reports that influenza alone accounts for 200 million days of low productivity and 75 million days of work absences every year.

However, we can’t rely on commercial office cleaning services alone. We can do our part to reduce disease transmission by understanding where and how it occurs. Here are three of the germiest areas in the workplace:

  1. Elevator buttons
    If your office building has an elevator, you can be sure that the buttons are covered in germs. Depending on the size of your company, hundreds of people may be using the elevators every day, using their germy hands to make their way from floor to floor. Protect yourself from dirty buttons by using your knuckle or elbow to push them instead of your fingertips.

  3. Telephones
    Studies show that office phones can carry more than 25,000 germs per square inch. If you want to minimize your risk of disease transmission, wipe off handsets and keypads with sanitizing wipes regularly throughout the work day. Also, keep in mind that cell phones are just as bad — if not much, much dirtier.

  5. Keyboards
    Like telephones, keyboards can carry thousands upon thousands of germs. In fact, research has revealed that computer keyboards often contain more than 200 times as much bacteria as a toilet seat. Before wiping down your keyboard with sanitizing wipes, however, check with the IT department or a knowledgeable business cleaning service for product recommendations since moisture can interfere with the functionality of the equipment.

Continuous hand washing and sanitizing is the best defense against the spread of germs. Beyond that, we can rely on our commercial office cleaning services to keep us safe and healthy all winter long.

3 Ways Green Office Can Help Your Business This Holiday Season

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business cleaning serviceThe holidays are nearly here and your business is probably getting ready to celebrate. But before you deck the halls and gear up for a brand new year, you should enlist the help of commercial office cleaning services. Not only can our business cleaning service spruce up the bathrooms, carpets, and kitchen areas for your holiday festivities, but we can help to make your company safer for both employees and clients. Here are just three ways our business cleaning services can help make your holiday that much merrier:

  • Cleaning for the holiday party
    When it comes to throwing your annual office Christmas party, it’s important that everything is spic and span. It’s nice when employees want to help out, but it takes away from job productivity and the result might not be as thorough as with a professional cleaning service. But we can take care of cleaning the bathrooms, the kitchens, and the conference rooms, as well as office carpet cleaning. All you have to worry about are the duties of your job — and throwing the party, of course!
  • Making a healthier environment
    When employees have to miss work due to illness, it can really put a damper on productivity, profit and morale. But our business cleaning services will also help your office become a much healthier place to be. Germs congregate in common areas like kitchens and bathrooms, as well as on employees’ desks and computer keyboards. We’ll disinfect all of these areas and help your business go green — both of which can actually save you green in the long term. A healthier new year is right around the corner when you have us on your side!
  • Adding security measures
    Did you know that 43% of security breaches are actually due to physical activities like dumpster diving? Although there’s a lot of talk about cyber attacks and digital security breaches, it’s still very important to keep your business safe in more traditional ways like document shredding. And during the holiday season, crimes like identity theft are more likely to occur. That’s why our shredding services are perfect during this time of year. You’ll be able to dispose of sensitive documents without fear of a breach before the new year rolls around. And since we can shred virtually anything you or your business needs to keep confidential, we can help maintain the security of your office environment.

Need the best commercial cleaning services Toms River NJ has to offer this holiday? Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business!

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