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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

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commercial office cleaningGoing green is good for business. But making your office more eco-friendly can also make your employees feel more invested in their work. And since unhappy workers are 10% less productive, according to Office Vibe, you want to do everything you can to make your employees and customers happy.

Trying to get your office to go green this year? We’ve outlined five of our favorite green office ideas below to help you get started.

  1. Turn it off

    You might remember to turn all of the lights off when everyone’s gone for the day. But what about the printers, the computers, and all of those other energy sucking gadgets? If a piece of equipment doesn’t need to be left on overnight, be sure to switch it off before heading home. You can even set up a timer to make saving electricity even easier. Don’t forget to use energy saving lightbulbs!

  2. Go electronic

    It’s very tempting to print every document you receive or make tons of copies for meetings. Who doesn’t love sending an old-fashioned memo? But it’s an unnecessary waste of paper (and many times, those memos end up in the trash!). Whenever possible, share important documents electronically and encourage employees to think twice before printing. While it’s not always avoidable, a company-wide policy to reduce printing can help save paper and money. And when you do have to print something…

  3. Recycle

    It may seem obvious, but your company needs to have a recycling program — specifically, one that truly encourages employees to do the right thing. Set up colorful bins all around the office for separate purposes. You can even create a team goal or give out incentives for recycling, reusing, and reducing waste.

  4. Use the real thing

    If your office has a kitchen, it’s probably filled with paper plates, plastic silverware, styrofoam cups, and those single-serving coffee pods. All of these materials will end up in the trash and can really derail your green office goals. Switch out these disposable dishes for higher quality plates, silverware, and cups that can be washed and reused. Make sure that the ones you choose are eco-friendly (i.e., not made with harmful chemicals). As for coffee pods, there are several recyclable options on the market, and you can never go wrong with an office coffee maker.

  5. Clean it up

    You may not realize it, but you can make a big impact with the right commercial office cleaning service, too. By hiring business cleaning services that use non-toxic products and green cleaning methods, you’ll get all of the benefits of a healthy, clean office without all of the harmful chemicals and toxins. Plus, when the commercial cleaning company you use has a green goal of its own, you’ll know that everyone’s on the same page. You can supplement your professional commercial office cleaning by keeping non-hazardous cleaning products for unexpected messes.

You may think creating a more eco-friendly workplace is too complicated, but there are actually some very simple ways to reduce your environmental impact right now. Businesses that hire environmentally friendly commercial office cleaning companies find that reducing their carbon footprint is easier than they originally assumed.

3 Facts About Green Carpet Cleaning

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professional cleaning servicesCarpet is a popular option for many offices. This flooring material is affordable, easy to install and maintain, and helps to deaden extra noise, which can be disruptive in the professional environment. But there are some drawbacks to having a rug in your office, especially if you live in a region prone to rain or snow.

Cleaning a carpet is much more difficult than simply dragging a mop across a concrete or wooden floor, and it is also much more likely to stain should any food or beverage be spilled on them. These are just a few of the reasons most companies hire professional cleaning services at least once a year. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of regular carpet cleaning, and green carpet cleaning services in particular.

Why Should You Schedule Annual Carpet Cleaning?
A poorly maintained rug is more than an aesthetic issue; dirty carpets will affect the air quality and overall odor in your building, especially if your office doesn’t have the windows to allow frequent airing.

While vacuuming is a good way to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness from week to week, most carpet companies will advise you to hire professional cleaning services to clean your carpets at least once every 12 to 18 months. In fact, carpet and upholstery cleaning services are so important that they represent 10% of the janitorial industry’s earnings.

But that doesn’t mean every company will be up to date on the newest and best green cleaning products and methods. Many professional cleaning services will opt for conventional, chemical-laden cleaners.

If you are on the fence between conventional office carpet cleaning or a greener option, here are a few facts you might find interesting:

Green Options Are Better for Your Employees’ Health
One of the primary reasons to clean your carpet is to improve the air quality in your office. But using a conventional cleaning product will just replace the germs and mildew that tends to accumulate in carpets with harsh, toxic chemicals. Unless your building has numerous windows to allow you to air out your building, then your employees and customers will be forced to breathe in traces of these chemicals every time they come into the office.

Green Options, however, don’t leave behind a chemical fingerprint, and are therefore better at improving the air quality of your commercial building.

Green Options Clean as Well as Conventional Options
There is a myth that, because there are no chemical components in green cleaning products, that they are not as effective at cleaning. But that’s just not true.

Whereas carpet cleaning products have remained largely unchanged for the past few decades, the green options utilize newer technology to create powerful cleaning agents out of fruits, vegetables, and other natural sources. At the same time, steam can disinfect a space using nothing but pure H2O.

Green Options Cover a Wide Range of Niche Purposes
Stains happen, no matter where you are. In an office setting, tired employees will occasionally spill their ever-important coffee. You might think that you need to resort to a conventional chemical cleaner to get that stain out, but there are green options for stain removal as well. In fact, there is a green alternative for most needs.

Whether you are trying to maintain your office carpets yourself or you are hiring local business cleaning services to tend to it, you should insist on greener options.

Does your Office Need Green Cleaning Services This Allergy Season?

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commercial cleaning companySpring is here, and although many are celebrating the nice weather, many are dreading the allergies that come with it! Itchy, watery eyes and sneezing are horrible symptoms to deal with on a daily basis, especially in the workplace. As an employer or business owner, you want to ensure your employees are productive, happy, and healthy. Health-related work losses are estimated to cost US employers more than $260 billion each year! So, what can you do to help the allergy sufferers of the office? Consider choosing an eco-friendly commercial cleaning company; it’s time for your workplace to go green!

Green cleaning is becoming the preferred way of cleaning because it avoids the use of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals and cleaning products. Professional cleaning services that provide green cleaning are just as effective as the traditional common cleaners too. It is better for you, your workers, and the environment in the long term too! It is easy to tell when an office has been cleaned based on the strong aroma left behind. For allergy sufferers, this can sometimes worsen symptoms. A green commercial cleaning company uses less astringent products reducing the chemical-like smell. It will be nice not to have to worry about breathing in chemicals all day too! According to Discover Magazine, even if immediate reactions to the chemicals in a common cleaning product aren’t a problem, long term exposure can cause the chemicals to build up in the body and can lead to extreme chemical sensitivity.

There are other green cleaning benefits that should be considered when choosing your next commercial cleaning business. recently posted an article about the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning and found that the cost of environmentally friendly cleaning products and companies have become much more competitive and affordable. Also, cleaning in an environmentally sound way reduces the risk of sick days for employees and the risk of fires and chemical spills.

As concerns for health become more prevalent and people become more aware of the harsh effects of cleaning chemicals you will want to stay ahead of the game in keeping your office workers safe. Green cleaners that provide healthy and environmentally friendly office cleaning services greatly reduce allergy symptoms, and can even reduce asthma attacks. Finding a commercial cleaning service that saves you money, improves the health and wellness of your employees and benefits the environment should be a no brainer this allergy season, or any season.

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