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How To Keep Your Office Safe From the Common Cold

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Confidential Cleaning ServiceIt’s remarkably easy to suffer from illness in a work environment. Unfortunately, this isn’t completely due to the close quarters of co-workers and cubicles. Much of the time, an office environment can be surprisingly germ-ridden because of how often surfaces, appliances, and equipment are touched without being cleaned afterward.

And because an office environment is typically coated with bacteria invisible to the naked eye, employees are likely to fall victim to the common cold like dominos. However, it isn’t impossible to keep yourself and your employees healthy and productively working when a cold has made its way into the office. There are steps you and your employees can make to keep your work environment germ-free.

  1. Wash Your HandsBe sure to wash your hands periodically throughout the day, not just when you use the bathroom. Cold and flu germs can last on phones, door handles, computer keys, and microwave doors for hours or even days. And the moment you touch face with those germs there’s a high likelihood of you getting sick.Washing your hands under warm water with soap for at least 60 seconds kills up to 60% of the germs on your hands. Even without soap, washing your hands in warm water can kill at least 40% of germs. Put up signs around the office emphasizing the importance of handwashing and be sure to follow through with routinely washing your own hands.
  2. Skip the Hand SanitizerHand sanitizer has been getting some backlash recently. This is in part because the alcohol in the sanitizer, when used frequently, dries out the skin. It’s also in part because the frequent use of hand sanitizer creates an immunity in the bacteria it’s used to fight against meaning it’s ultimately useless after a period of time. If your office has hand sanitizing stations already, you might want to swap them out for soap and water.
  3. Wipe Down SurfacesBefore eating at their desk, one out of every five office workers fails to clean off the surface. This can transfer bacteria from the surface of the desk onto an employee’s food. And once the bacteria is on your food, it has easy passage to its final destination: the infection of your body.Before and after eating (as well as routinely throughout the day), wipe down the surfaces of desks and keyboards with an antibacterial wipe. This should get rid of at least some of the germs and therefore reduce your risk of getting sick.
  4. Office Carpet Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning CompaniesSurprisingly, many germs can make your office’s carpet a home. And unlike desks and other surfaces, it’s not often cleaned thoroughly enough to get rid of bacteria that could get you and your employees sick. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to periodically clean your office environment from top to bottom.Bacteria can often lurk in areas unthought of by the average worker and therefore germs can build up in light fixtures, the carpet, and window sills. Commercial cleaning companies are trained in the area of janitorial work and sanitation. By hiring a commercial cleaning business to conduct office cleaning services routinely throughout the year, you can guarantee the cleanliness of your work environment.

To prevent the common cold from spreading in your work environment, ensure your employees are washing their hands periodically throughout the day and that work surfaces are being wiped down with antibacterial wipes or professionally cleaned by commercial cleaning companies. Germs are often passed on due to the lack of thought regarding their transfer and therefore it’s important to instill a sense of cleanliness in your office environment.

Your Work Environment May Be Causing Poor Work Production — Here’s How To Fix It

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commercial cleaning businessProtecting your employees from harm and discomfort is not only one of your priorities as a business owner, but also as one of your obligations as the person who controls the quality of the work environment. If an employee is doing their work poorly due to an unsatisfactory or unsanitary work environment, it’s your duty as a business owner to find the cause of the dissatisfaction and solve the problem.

There are three problems in particular that could be causing your employees to feel unsafe and therefore may be resulting in reduced production: security, sanitation, and fear of identity theft. Fortunately, there are ways to combat these problems in your work environment and they’re listed here below.

  1. Security
    It’s common for businesses to have at least some form of security whether it be a guard, camera, or alarm system. However, if your business doesn’t have a security system, your building is 300% more likely to be broken into. To give your employees a better piece of mind, consider setting up a video surveillance camera alongside an alarm system. This will not only keep your building safe at night, but it will make your employees feel safer knowing any potential robberies will be caught on tape and the evidence can be provided to the police for investigation.

  3. Sanitation
    In the United States, roughly 50 millions days of work are lost every year due to the common cold. Cold germs and other bacteria can spread relatively easily in an office environment due to the close quarters of employees. If surfaces and objects aren’t routinely sanitized, it can often lead to the passing on of illnesses that could leave employees unable to work for days at a time. Consider utilizing a professional cleaning service, particularly the services of a commercial cleaning business, regularly for your business environment.
    Business cleaning services and office cleaning services specialize in the cleaning of commercial areas and are likely to know where germs are more likely to spread and therefore can be far more thorough than an average cleaner. Additionally, consider office carpet cleaning while choosing a commercial cleaning business. An older carpet can hold onto grime and bacteria, particularly if they’re damp, and therefore may be causing illnesses in your employees despite the sanitation of desk surfaces.

  5. Identity Theft
    Working with documents can be a sensitive job. If documents aren’t disposed of properly the threat of identity theft or the leaking of confidential information can be great. Identity theft is far more common to occur with the use of paper documentation rather than online. Therefore, it’s essential to utilize document shredding services on older documents that are no longer used. Paper shredding will ensure that information cannot be stolen once the documents have been disposed of, therefore giving your employees peace of mind once they have thrown away potentially past confidential or important papers.

Ensuring the comfort of your employees is essential as a business owner. Only when your employees feel safe enough to work in their environment can they produce adequate work and continue stable production. Therefore, routinely perform maintenance on your business’ work environment by providing working security systems, excellent office sanitation via a commercial cleaning business, and a means of shredding important work documents.

Spotty And Dirty Office Floors? Tired Of Cleaning Them Yourselves? Try Professional Carpet Cleaners

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commercial office cleaning servicesRecent studies reveal that only somewhere around 25% of office workers believe their offices are being cleaned as effectively as possible. Dirt, germs, and other such things can accelerate wear and reduce office cleanliness. But there are some things that business owners and employees can do to combat this.

Hiring commercial office cleaning services is one such thing, as business cleaning services are professionals in their field of work. If you want the best results for your office environment, this is who you need to call. They can target aspects of the cleaning that might otherwise be missed, and can do it even while you’re away. This means you can rest easy knowing your business will be taken care of, and spotless when you come back the next week or next day to clock into the office.

Commercial office cleaning services can spot things that you would miss, like when a stain is about to form. In addition, they know how to combat it. Stains form over time, and once they set in, they can be tough to remove. Many cleaning services can actually remove these before they fully set in, keeping the carpet looking new. They’ll also have the best possible equipment for the job, such as high-powered vacuums, or powerful carpet cleaners that can reach into the fabric and remove all the additives in there. They can also provide more thorough cleanings than your traditional methods, like what you can buy from a store.

Some companies even offer green cleaning solutions and don’t rely on chemicals to clean your floors, which can help prolong the lifespan of your carpets. These cleaning methods can also keep carpets dry even after cleaning, which prevents mold growth and other issues from sprouting up.

Now, you could be thinking that you could do a lot of this cleaning yourself, and in some cases you would be right. But the truth is that if you improperly clean your carpets too often it can actually leave behind residues that collect more dirt, leaving the carpets worse over time. Proper cleaning gets rid of the problems entirely, without these issues.

Commercial office cleaning services can save you time, money, and prolong the life of your investment through proper care. That makes it a worthwhile expense to any business owner.

If you have any questions about professional carpet cleaning services, just contact us.

Workplace Sickness: 3 Ways to Combat Common Office Illnesses

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office carpet cleaningIllness can be found wherever there are multiple people in the same space for long periods of time. So, basically, everywhere. Schools and workplaces, in particular, are one of the best breeding grounds for germs because of how many people there are in such close quarters. That’s why 98% of workers are affected every year from contagious diseases both major and minor because of surroundings that aren’t as clean as they could be.

As an employer, it’s important to guarantee your work environment is not only up to code but is also clean in order to promote the general health of your employees. Here are a number of ways to keep your employees’ health up to par with their work in the office.

  1. Disinfectant
    Even if you cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, your germs can still leave trails along the surfaces you and your employees touch. Use disinfecting wipes periodically to wipe down surface areas and common appliances such as phones and computer mouses in order to reduce the spread the germs from one employee to the next.

  3. Handwashing
    Hand sanitizer is not a valuable replacement for handwashing and can actually make germs more resistant to antibiotics. Stress the value of handwashing in your work environment with signs and soaps and be sure the hot water tank in your workplace is efficient. Combined, soap and hot water can kill up to 60% of the germs on your hands whereas only washing your hands with hot water only kills up to 40%.

  5. Professional cleaning services
    A commercial cleaning company can provide your business with optimal office cleaning services in ways a disinfecting wipe cannot. The janitorial needs of your office environment go beyond the bathroom; they should help guarantee the general health of your staff. Commercial office cleaning can also repair damage that may cause hazards in your workplace such as mold or water damage.
    Office carpet cleaning is particularly important. Vacuuming can only clean your carpets so far. Professional office carpet cleaning rids your workplace carpets of potential allergens as well as dirt and bacteria that may build up and create airborne pathogens. Utilize the office carpet cleaning services of a professional cleaning company to keep your workplace looking organized and well-maintained while extending the life of your workplace floors in the process.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your workplace maintains the health of your employees. The less often your workers are suffering from illnesses caused by a lack of sanitation in the office, the less often you have to worry about workplace efficiency.

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