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How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Employees: Part 2

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commercial cleaning businessYou’ve already learned a lot about how to strengthen your relationship with your employees. From setting up fun parties to coming out of your personal office every once in a while, you should do all you can to keep your staff happy. Don’t just consult professional cleaning services once and then be done with it — you should contact a commercial cleaning business much more often. Make sure you’re working with a commercial cleaning business on a consistent basis so your office gets clean and stays clean. Professional office carpet cleaning can help get all that unwanted dirt and grime out of the floor and will result in a much more productive work environment.

In addition to business cleaning services, however, there are plenty more ways for you to improve company morale and improve the relationship with your staff.

Consider implementing a work from home policy
Allowing your employees to work from home (at least partially throughout each week) is a great way to both show your appreciation to them and set them up for success. Although it might be a difficult transition during the first few weeks, once they get the hang of working outside the office, they will be much more productive and further contribute to your business.

Pay them what they’re worth
Roughly 76% of people cite money and work as the top causes of their stress. Obviously this is difficult and involves a lot of outside factors, but you should try your best to give your quality employees a fair salary. Even if you can’t give them as much as you wish because of a strict budget, at least make it known that they are extremely valuable to your company and offer them raises whenever possible.

Hire employees that will fit your office culture
The easiest way to ensure a positive work environment is to hire positive people. If you have a staff full of negative employees, they will lead to issues across the company. Hire smart, fun, and engaging employees for your business and watch the relationships strengthen by themselves.

Allow them to be accountable for themselves
Don’t just punish a single employee because they do poorly one day or one week. If it becomes an issue, sure, you can discuss it with them and figure out how to handle it. But if it’s just once or twice in a while, let them know you still have their back — it will go a long way.

Hopefully these tips will help you this year as you grow your business and improve your company morale. If you want to speak with a quality commercial cleaning business, contact Green Office today.

How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Employees: Part 1

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business cleaning serviceIf you’re running a business, it’s essential that your employees are satisfied with their positions. If your employees are constantly unhappy, it’s safe to say they’ll be less productive than they would’ve been if they were in a better mood. Hopefully these tips will help you strengthen your relationship with each and every one of your employees.

Don’t be a stranger
If you spend all day and all week up in your office! Your staff will likely distance themselves from you. If your employees never see you, they might be nervous whenever you come out of the office or even ask to speak with them — and that’s a real issue. Your employees should be excited to work with you and not fearful of you. So be sure to talk to them about work and non-work related things every once in a while.

Work with experienced business cleaning services
Having a clean office environment is essential for a healthy workspace. If your employees are sick because of unclean areas, they will both miss time and be much less productive throughout the week. Wholly 98% of workers are affected by minor or even major contagious diseases due to unclean work conditions. Professional business cleaning services can help rid your office of any unwanted contaminants. These skilled commercial cleaning companies can offer anything from office carpet cleaning to entire building cleaning consultations.

Office happy hours
Office happy hours are a great way to bond with your team. Every once in a while, cut work short on a Friday afternoon and have a drink with your staff. Of course, drinking should always be done responsibly. But a simple beer and some light socialization in the office after a long week could help you feel more connected to your employees.

Participate in fun group activities outside of work
If office happy hours aren’t enough, consider planning out of work activities with everyone. Going on company trips can be a great way to bond with your staff as well. You don’t have to go on long weekend getaways (if you don’t want to), but consider throwing out of work parties or nice events to bring everyone together.

Now that you’re more prepared to deal with your employees, it’s time to get to work and set your company up for maximum success. Hopefully these tips help you this quarter and for the rest of your business career. Keep an eye out for part 2 of this list and, if you need help from a commercial cleaning company, contact Green Office today if you have any questions about business cleaning services.

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