3 Facts About Green Carpet Cleaning

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professional cleaning servicesCarpet is a popular option for many offices. This flooring material is affordable, easy to install and maintain, and helps to deaden extra noise, which can be disruptive in the professional environment. But there are some drawbacks to having a rug in your office, especially if you live in a region prone to rain or snow.

Cleaning a carpet is much more difficult than simply dragging a mop across a concrete or wooden floor, and it is also much more likely to stain should any food or beverage be spilled on them. These are just a few of the reasons most companies hire professional cleaning services at least once a year. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of regular carpet cleaning, and green carpet cleaning services in particular.

Why Should You Schedule Annual Carpet Cleaning?
A poorly maintained rug is more than an aesthetic issue; dirty carpets will affect the air quality and overall odor in your building, especially if your office doesn’t have the windows to allow frequent airing.

While vacuuming is a good way to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness from week to week, most carpet companies will advise you to hire professional cleaning services to clean your carpets at least once every 12 to 18 months. In fact, carpet and upholstery cleaning services are so important that they represent 10% of the janitorial industry’s earnings.

But that doesn’t mean every company will be up to date on the newest and best green cleaning products and methods. Many professional cleaning services will opt for conventional, chemical-laden cleaners.

If you are on the fence between conventional office carpet cleaning or a greener option, here are a few facts you might find interesting:

Green Options Are Better for Your Employees’ Health
One of the primary reasons to clean your carpet is to improve the air quality in your office. But using a conventional cleaning product will just replace the germs and mildew that tends to accumulate in carpets with harsh, toxic chemicals. Unless your building has numerous windows to allow you to air out your building, then your employees and customers will be forced to breathe in traces of these chemicals every time they come into the office.

Green Options, however, don’t leave behind a chemical fingerprint, and are therefore better at improving the air quality of your commercial building.

Green Options Clean as Well as Conventional Options
There is a myth that, because there are no chemical components in green cleaning products, that they are not as effective at cleaning. But that’s just not true.

Whereas carpet cleaning products have remained largely unchanged for the past few decades, the green options utilize newer technology to create powerful cleaning agents out of fruits, vegetables, and other natural sources. At the same time, steam can disinfect a space using nothing but pure H2O.

Green Options Cover a Wide Range of Niche Purposes
Stains happen, no matter where you are. In an office setting, tired employees will occasionally spill their ever-important coffee. You might think that you need to resort to a conventional chemical cleaner to get that stain out, but there are green options for stain removal as well. In fact, there is a green alternative for most needs.

Whether you are trying to maintain your office carpets yourself or you are hiring local business cleaning services to tend to it, you should insist on greener options.

Does your Office Need Green Cleaning Services This Allergy Season?

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commercial cleaning companySpring is here, and although many are celebrating the nice weather, many are dreading the allergies that come with it! Itchy, watery eyes and sneezing are horrible symptoms to deal with on a daily basis, especially in the workplace. As an employer or business owner, you want to ensure your employees are productive, happy, and healthy. Health-related work losses are estimated to cost US employers more than $260 billion each year! So, what can you do to help the allergy sufferers of the office? Consider choosing an eco-friendly commercial cleaning company; it’s time for your workplace to go green!

Green cleaning is becoming the preferred way of cleaning because it avoids the use of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals and cleaning products. Professional cleaning services that provide green cleaning are just as effective as the traditional common cleaners too. It is better for you, your workers, and the environment in the long term too! It is easy to tell when an office has been cleaned based on the strong aroma left behind. For allergy sufferers, this can sometimes worsen symptoms. A green commercial cleaning company uses less astringent products reducing the chemical-like smell. It will be nice not to have to worry about breathing in chemicals all day too! According to Discover Magazine, even if immediate reactions to the chemicals in a common cleaning product aren’t a problem, long term exposure can cause the chemicals to build up in the body and can lead to extreme chemical sensitivity.

There are other green cleaning benefits that should be considered when choosing your next commercial cleaning business. Care.com recently posted an article about the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning and found that the cost of environmentally friendly cleaning products and companies have become much more competitive and affordable. Also, cleaning in an environmentally sound way reduces the risk of sick days for employees and the risk of fires and chemical spills.

As concerns for health become more prevalent and people become more aware of the harsh effects of cleaning chemicals you will want to stay ahead of the game in keeping your office workers safe. Green cleaners that provide healthy and environmentally friendly office cleaning services greatly reduce allergy symptoms, and can even reduce asthma attacks. Finding a commercial cleaning service that saves you money, improves the health and wellness of your employees and benefits the environment should be a no brainer this allergy season, or any season.

Debunking 4 Common Myths About Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products

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commercial cleaning businessWhen it comes to cleaning products, a lot of them are known for containing potentially harmful chemicals. That’s why more and more of the approximately 3.2 million people working in the U.S. cleaning services industry are opting for more environmentally-friendly cleaning products. However, there are still many misconceptions about the effectiveness of environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Here are just a few.

  1. Myth: Green cleaners don’t work as well as traditional cleaners.
    While it’s only natural for people to assume that cleaning solutions with fewer chemicals will be less effective, but the reality is, experts at commercial cleaning businesses claim that these eco-friendly cleaners work just as well as traditional cleaners. They simply use natural cleaning ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda.
  2. Myth: Green cleaning products are expensive.
    While many environmentally-friendly products do tend to cost a bit more, the fact is, the cost of green cleaning products can vary greatly, depending on brand, container size, and product. Don’t assume that they’ll always be more expensive.

  4. Myth: Green cleaning products cannot disinfect.
    Again, this is a myth. While chemicals are mostly responsible for having disinfectant qualities found in traditional cleaning supplies, there are some green alternatives that can also get the job done. Look for citric acid, lactic acid, or hydrogen peroxide in the ingredients.

  6. Myth: Green cleaning products take longer to work.
    It’s not exactly clear how this myth got started, but it’s safe to say that it isn’t true at all. Green cleaning products can work just as quickly as traditional solutions, with no additional scrubbing required. Since environmentally-friendly cleaning products are a trend that is still growing, many companies are making increased efforts to develop more effective solutions, so manufacturers are always releasing new products for consumers to try.

Ultimately, environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies are a healthier and less toxic alternative to traditional products. However, due to the freedoms these manufacturers have with labeling, they aren’t always required to disclose the use of certain chemicals, so you should always make sure to read labels thoroughly and take a close look at the ingredients. Many business cleaning services and commercial cleaning companies offer different options for products that they use, and you should always do your research before committing to one. For more information about professional cleaning services, contact Green Office.

How Often Should I Get My Office Building Professionally Cleaned?

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professional cleaning servicesIf you’re planning to hire professional cleaning services for your business, you may be wondering exactly how often your office should be cleaned. Weekly? Monthly?

The answer depends greatly on the type of business you run and the specific type of commercial office cleaning services you require. There are some germs that can survive for several hours on dry surfaces like desks and chairs. Still others can live for days on wet surfaces, like sinks. So the question then becomes, when should you hire a professional business cleaning services and what kind of cleaning can you do on your own?

The Types
Depending on what types of cleaning you need to get done for your business shows when you need to hire professional cleaners. Things like vacuuming and general cleaning like that can be done without the use of a professional cleaner each and every day. Window washing should be professionally done every month. If you have carpets in your business, they need to be shampooed by an office cleaning company twice a year. Hardwood floors should be done by a cleaning crew once a year and tile floors around once every six months.

The Spaces
When to hire a commercial cleaning company also depends on what types of rooms your business has, as well as how big they are. Restrooms should be cleaned, at the very least, once a day. This includes the floors, sinks and toilets. Routine checks are also good practice to see if any cleaning requires immediate attention.

Kitchens are also spaces where cleaning is highly important. Because this is where food is prepared, improper cleaning can lead to contamination or food poisoning. Hold the employees responsible for cleaning up after themselves and be sure to clean the kitchens frequently. At times, investing the use for a professional cleaning company can assist in keeping these rooms clean, but should not be used as a substitute for routine daily cleaning.

Depending on the size of your business depends on how often it needs to be cleaned. The bigger the space, the more cleaning it needs. Have your employees practice good hygiene and encourage them to point out whenever something needs to be cleaned.

The use of a professional cleaning service can vary on a lot of levels. It’s important to keep all aspects of your business in mind when deciding what is the optimal time to hire a cleaning service.

For more information on professional cleaning services, visit greenofficellc.com

Environmentally Friendly Commercial Office Cleaning Solutions to Try Out

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commercial office cleaningAt work, we are surrounded by bacteria. In fact, more than 10 million bacteria lurk on the average office desk, and 7,500 pesky organisms are hidden in your keyboard. Traditional commercial office cleaning can use a lot of dangerous chemicals that are not only harmful to your health but to the environment as well. In order to be as eco-friendly as you can, here are some environmentally friendly cleaning and recycling ideas to implement throughout your office.

Go natural

You don’t have to use expensive business cleaning services and fancy solutions to get a germ-free clean. All you need is some natural and easy to come by ingredients such as lemon, vinegar, and baking soda to get a fantastic clean. Simply rub a half of lemon on a surface to sanitize it, then work up a paste with baking soda and vinegar.

Go as digital as you can

Everything is done on the computer nowadays, so keep the paper handouts at bay during meetings. Whenever you can, use a digital presentation and display it on a big screen so there is no need for frivolous paper waste.

Naturally purify

This tip works great if you have a small office. Simply put a few drops of tea tree oil into a humidifier and you will have fresh air all day long! Gone are the expensive, toxic air fresheners and all you will be smelling is clean, pure air. Other essential oil options include lemon, lemongrass, and cotton for a nice, fresh, subdued smell.

Recycle paper

Have you ever noticed employees toss their handouts right after a meeting? This paper can be reused as scrap paper for quick notes in meetings, discussions, and at desks, so consider implementing an easy accessible place for scrap paper.

Baking soda in the carpet

Does your carpet smell funky, especially after a winter of treading in snow and dirt from outside? Your office carpet cleaning just got easier– sprinkle a little baking soda into the carpet, leave overnight, and vacuum it up in the morning. The smell will be gone and you won’t have an expensive cleaning bill!

Looking for more eco-friendly cleaning ideas? Contact our commercial office cleaning services today and we will bring a breath of fresh air into your cleaning routine!

To Clean or Not to Clean? Important Reasons to Leave Office Cleaning to the Professionals

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business cleaning servicesDid you know that an estimated 50 million days of work are missed because of the common cold? A seasonal cold might seem inevitable, but the truth is a dirty office can contribute to employees getting sick and missing work time.

There are countless surfaces in your office that can harbor unwelcome bacteria, but a simple cleaning every now and then won’t necessarily take care of them all. If you want to make sure your office is a clean, healthy place for your employees to work, you need to hire professional business cleaning services. Here are just a few more reasons why it’s important to leave cleaning to the professionals.

Increase Efficiency in the Office
When you have to ask employees to perform cleaning tasks that a commercial cleaning service would normally perform for you, it takes time away from the tasks that your employees should be working on. If an employee needs to take time out of their work day to clean the bathroom or tidy up the break room, it’s going to make them feel rushed to complete the aspects of their jobs that truly matter to your company.

Allergies Galore
Dust lives in all sorts of places that employees can’t even see. While it’s easy to dust off a desk every now and again, there’s no escaping the dust that gathers in carpets, on chairs, and even in ceiling fixtures. Without a professional cleaning service, your office could become an allergen-infested respiratory nightmare.

Do you know how to properly clean a floor or get into those hard-to-reach places in your office? Unless you’re part of a commercial office cleaning services company, the answer is probably no. There’s so much more to keeping an office clean than simply wiping down frequently used surfaces.

Customized Service
When you hire business cleaning services, you’re signing up for a package that’s customized to fit your business. If you need specific tasks performed, then a professional cleaning service will handle them.

Don’t let your office suffer from illness and allergies just because you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person. Your whole office will benefit from cleaning services!

Keep Your Office Carpet Clean to Prevent These 3 Issues

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office carpet cleaning


When you think about the dirtiest places where you spend your time, you probably don’t think of your office. You are never repulsed by what you see when you walk in, there aren’t any horrible smells emitting from the walls, and everything looks relatively clean, right?

That’s not always true, however, as offices and specifically office carpets can be extremely unclean. That’s why office carpet cleaning and other professional cleaning services are so invaluable to company cleanliness. The investment bank Scott-Macon released a study stating that the business cleaning services industry is expected to increase at a rate of 4.3% and become worth more than $60 billion in 2017.

Here are a few things that are lurking in your company’s floors and why it’s important that you contact an experienced office carpet cleaning service.

Accumulation of Crumbs
No matter how careful you think you are being while you eat at the office, you’re most likely dropping a significant amount of crumbs on the floor. Multiply all those crumbs by the number of coworkers you have in the office over an extended period of time, and you get a significant amount of food piled into the office carpets. You can take a few vacuum cleaners to the floors and try to get out all of those crumbs, but it’s too difficult to completely clean your carpets without professional assistance. After a while, those food particles will begin to smell horrible as well, so you should think about calling a professional cleaner soon if you haven’t recently.

Bacteria and Germs
Because of all the food, skin, and even bug particles that build up inside carpets and blend together, a disgusting mix of germs and bacteria organisms will begin swimming through your office carpeting. Offices with a lot of employees often act as incubators for these microorganisms and no amount of vacuuming can completely eradicate this issue. You need specialized and professional assistance from an experienced office carpet cleaning company.

Mildew and Mold Pileup
Mold and mildew can also become serious issues that might ruin your office’s carpeting and pose health threats to you and your coworkers. This decay can produce a foul odor and often result in expensive replacement and structural repairs. Do your best to prevent these costly issues and hire a carpet cleaning professional as soon as possible.

Have a healthy and clean office! Call us today for professional carpet cleaning assistance!

A Short Guide to Help You Discover Easy Ways Your Office Can Go Green

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office cleaning companiesIt’s estimated that the average office worker in the U.S. uses one sheet of paper approximately every 12 minutes throughout the day. While it might not seem like a lot, if large companies are following this pattern then a lot of paper is being wasted.

Using less paper is one way your office can go green, but there are other simple tips that can help your office become a cleaner, greener space. Here are just a few tips to help you get started.

Remove Personal Waste Bins
Personal waste bins are one of those little crutches that allow people to generate more waste than they should. A few central garbage bins will not only consolidate your waste, they’ll encourage employees to generate less personal waste at their desks.

Make Sure Your Office Cleaning Companies Use Green Products
Cleaning your office is extremely important, but cleaning it with sustainable, environmentally friendly products is even more so. Most business cleaning services will tell you which products they’re using to clean your office surfaces, but if you’re ever concerned about green products, don’t hesitate to ask. Commercial office cleaning services should be able to provide you with a comprehensive list.

Provide Means for Cyclists
If your office is in a central area, encourage your employees to bike there when the weather permits. One of the biggest detriments to the environment is fuel emissions from cars. Riding a bike or walking to work is often a much better option for people who commute short distances. If you can provide bike racks or indoor bike storage, you should certainly do so.

One of the simplest ways you can go green is by carpooling. The fewer cars on the road, the better the environment will be. Simple changes are all it takes to create a more environmentally friendly office.

These green initiatives are as simple as asking office cleaning companies for a list of products and reducing the number of trash cans in your office space. Being greener isn’t hard; you just need to be willing to come up with some creative solutions.

5 Reasons That Hiring an Office Cleaning Service Can Benefit Your Business

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office cleaning servicesIf you’ve ever had to clean your office space, you know how much time it takes. With a number of people essentially living in a commercial space eight hours every day, it’s bound to accumulate some messes.

Your office is basically a second home for you and your entire work family. But at the end of the day, you all have your own homes to go home to…and clean. Why would you want to take more time out of your day to clean your shared work space?

Commercial office cleaning services are available to do this task for you. In fact, business cleaning services make up more than 77% of the cleaning industry. And not only does this save you time, it can also benefit you in a number of different ways. Here are five reasons that a commercial cleaning service can benefit you, your workers, and your company:

Safer Work Environment
A clean workplace is a safe workplace. With so many bodies in one space, your office is a breeding ground for the germs and bacteria that make us sick. Shared work spaces like conference rooms, break rooms, and bathrooms are especially prone to germs, because everyone goes there.

Not only are germs constantly spreading in an office environment, but untidiness can be a factor as well. Not keeping a safe, clear, and clutter-free work space can cause accidents and serious injuries.

Less Stress
You already have enough space to clean at home. Why should you or your employees have to worry about cleaning up someone else’s mess? In most cases, you don’t have time between job tasks to wash a mug or take out the trash. Your job depends on you being 110% engaged.

Even so, seeing clutter strewn about does set some people on edge. Some of your employees may be willing to clear messes for their own peace of mind, but their job performance may be suffering because of this.

Higher Productivity
Similarly, it’s been proven in study after study that a clean, organized workplace leads to happier and more productive employees. Without the stresses of clutter or getting sick, or the eyesores of a full sink or trash bin, your employees are left to focus on their jobs without distractions.

A More Thorough Cleaning
While we’ve all had experience cleaning our own homes, you are not a trained commercial or office carpet cleaning professional. There’s no one who can do it like the pros.

Building cleaning service professionals are equipped with all the necessary equipment to get the job done effectively and in a timely manner. Instead of wiping counter tops and desks down with disinfecting wipes, office cleaning services use special cleaning solutions that dissolve the germs that are specific to your office.

Certain office spaces require different types of cleaning. While a law office may need regular dusting, vacuuming, and disinfecting, a warehouse may have some more major spillage from inventory, requiring industrial scrubbers and the like.

A More Welcoming, Professional Space
When you invite a client, interviewee, or even the president of your company into your work space, don’t you want to make a good impression? Clean spaces are more inviting and look far more professional than a paper- and junk-covered space.

Regardless of how good a job you do for your clients or partners, a dirty office space can give off a bad vibe. Office cleaning services certainly help take care of this problem.

Green Office LLC not only helps shred and properly dispose of unwanted paper files, we also serve as a full service office cleaning company only using environmentally safe products.

The 3 Germiest Items in Your Workplace

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commercial office cleaningConsidering how many hours we Americans spend at work, it should come as no surprise that offices are some of the germiest places in the country. Though they may look clean, workplaces are hotbeds teeming with bacteria and viruses. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that nearly 80% of all infections are passed via hand contact with contaminated surfaces and skin-to-skin contact.

Fortunately, there are approximately 3.2 million people working in the nation’s cleaning service industry. Without our office building cleaning services, employee absences due to illness would be a lot higher, especially during flu season. The National Health Interview Survey reports that influenza alone accounts for 200 million days of low productivity and 75 million days of work absences every year.

However, we can’t rely on commercial office cleaning services alone. We can do our part to reduce disease transmission by understanding where and how it occurs. Here are three of the germiest areas in the workplace:

  1. Elevator buttons
    If your office building has an elevator, you can be sure that the buttons are covered in germs. Depending on the size of your company, hundreds of people may be using the elevators every day, using their germy hands to make their way from floor to floor. Protect yourself from dirty buttons by using your knuckle or elbow to push them instead of your fingertips.

  3. Telephones
    Studies show that office phones can carry more than 25,000 germs per square inch. If you want to minimize your risk of disease transmission, wipe off handsets and keypads with sanitizing wipes regularly throughout the work day. Also, keep in mind that cell phones are just as bad — if not much, much dirtier.

  5. Keyboards
    Like telephones, keyboards can carry thousands upon thousands of germs. In fact, research has revealed that computer keyboards often contain more than 200 times as much bacteria as a toilet seat. Before wiping down your keyboard with sanitizing wipes, however, check with the IT department or a knowledgeable business cleaning service for product recommendations since moisture can interfere with the functionality of the equipment.

Continuous hand washing and sanitizing is the best defense against the spread of germs. Beyond that, we can rely on our commercial office cleaning services to keep us safe and healthy all winter long.

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