Your Work Environment May Be Causing Poor Work Production — Here’s How To Fix It

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commercial cleaning businessProtecting your employees from harm and discomfort is not only one of your priorities as a business owner, but also as one of your obligations as the person who controls the quality of the work environment. If an employee is doing their work poorly due to an unsatisfactory or unsanitary work environment, it’s your duty as a business owner to find the cause of the dissatisfaction and solve the problem.

There are three problems in particular that could be causing your employees to feel unsafe and therefore may be resulting in reduced production: security, sanitation, and fear of identity theft. Fortunately, there are ways to combat these problems in your work environment and they’re listed here below.

  1. Security
    It’s common for businesses to have at least some form of security whether it be a guard, camera, or alarm system. However, if your business doesn’t have a security system, your building is 300% more likely to be broken into. To give your employees a better piece of mind, consider setting up a video surveillance camera alongside an alarm system. This will not only keep your building safe at night, but it will make your employees feel safer knowing any potential robberies will be caught on tape and the evidence can be provided to the police for investigation.

  3. Sanitation
    In the United States, roughly 50 millions days of work are lost every year due to the common cold. Cold germs and other bacteria can spread relatively easily in an office environment due to the close quarters of employees. If surfaces and objects aren’t routinely sanitized, it can often lead to the passing on of illnesses that could leave employees unable to work for days at a time. Consider utilizing a professional cleaning service, particularly the services of a commercial cleaning business, regularly for your business environment.
    Business cleaning services and office cleaning services specialize in the cleaning of commercial areas and are likely to know where germs are more likely to spread and therefore can be far more thorough than an average cleaner. Additionally, consider office carpet cleaning while choosing a commercial cleaning business. An older carpet can hold onto grime and bacteria, particularly if they’re damp, and therefore may be causing illnesses in your employees despite the sanitation of desk surfaces.

  5. Identity Theft
    Working with documents can be a sensitive job. If documents aren’t disposed of properly the threat of identity theft or the leaking of confidential information can be great. Identity theft is far more common to occur with the use of paper documentation rather than online. Therefore, it’s essential to utilize document shredding services on older documents that are no longer used. Paper shredding will ensure that information cannot be stolen once the documents have been disposed of, therefore giving your employees peace of mind once they have thrown away potentially past confidential or important papers.

Ensuring the comfort of your employees is essential as a business owner. Only when your employees feel safe enough to work in their environment can they produce adequate work and continue stable production. Therefore, routinely perform maintenance on your business’ work environment by providing working security systems, excellent office sanitation via a commercial cleaning business, and a means of shredding important work documents.

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