YouTube Shredding Channel Makes Good Point About Mail Shredding

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bulk shredding servicesPeople really enjoy watching things be destroyed. As strange as it sounds, an entire YouTube community has been founded just to destroy random objects. While some YouTubers will crush things with industrial hydraulic presses, others choose to shoot or blow things up. One account is dedicated to all things iPhone, and the creator tries to destroy the phones using different methods, including shredding.

Funny enough, one user’s account is devoted to shredding specifically. Thymark, a YouTuber in Germany, has an industrial shredder and will put anything from plastic child’s toys, to lit candles, to vegetables in the shredder.

A couple of Thymark’s videos actually feature the type of material that you would normally put through a paper shredder: mail. However, some of these parcels are not paper. People send actual mail to the YouTuber, where they are shredded live on camera. Viewers have also sent in dog toys, flip flops, and many other things — none recommended for regular office shredding devices.

While Thymark’s shredding escapades are unconventional, they do have a point beyond mindless destruction. Shredding is an excellent, secure way to environmentally destroy documents that you no longer need. Some pieces of mail, for example, are junk, and don’t need to be kept, while some contain sensitive information and must undergo secure document shredding.

For either case, bulk shredding services are the best way to rid your home or place of work from cluttered and unfiled papers.

Mail addressed to places of business often contains personal information related to billing, financial management, employment records, and more. The healthcare industry is probably the largest holder of secure information, and is where 43% of all security breaches occur.

Security breaches and identity or account thefts are very serious crimes with severe consequences. Patient information is confidential and contains not only a person’s health information, but their family history, contact information, insurance and billing information, among other things.

Mail containing a patient’s billing information should be filed away or permanently destroyed. This goes for any healthcare provider, as well as the patient who receives billing information.

Simply throwing away bills that contain account numbers and instructions for payment can result in identity theft, too. Shockingly, almost half of all security breaches are achieved through physical search means, like dumpster diving.

By shredding documents that contain sensitive information through bulk shredding services, companies can avoid the repercussions that come with security breaches.

Green Office, LLC provides secure bulk shredding services that can help you dispose of sensitive mail as well as other documents, and prevent any compromise.

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