Confidential Document Collection

Green Office supplies locked collection containers to your premises. Containers are securely locked so that confidential information can go in, but cannot be removed until the time of destruction.


Confidential Document Pickup

Our destruction specialist will arrive at your premises. Your collection containers are unlocked and the double stitched nylon bags are emptied into a robocan and transferred to our on-site shredding truck for immediate shredding. Alternatively, your confidential documents are transferred from the containers you store them in (such as Bankers Boxes) into our robocan and transferred to the truck. In the case of electronic destruction, your materials (such as hard drives) are placed into a locked compartment onto our truck, with our destruction specialist being the only individual with access.


Confidential Document Destruction

We shred for several businesses throughout the day. Your confidential material is shredded right at your business prior to us going to our next scheduled shred customer, which offers ultimate peace of mind. Once the truck is full, the shredded material is brought to a recycling center where it is bailed and sent for recycling. In the case of electronic destruction, your materials are taken to our electronic recycling center where they are destroyed, one piece at a time.


Path of Destruction Report

Green Office provides you with a certificate of destruction along with your invoice.

Reach out to Green Office and schedule secure document destruction services today.